Bidding and Contracting for Services: A Primer for Condominium Association Leaders <span style="color: #ff9900;"></span><br><small><em>CAM: 1.0 IFM or ELE</em></small>

Bidding and Contracting for Services: A Primer for Condominium Association Leaders
CAM: 1.0 IFM or ELE

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The law confers broad authority to condominium associations to manage the communities they serve, including the power to enter into contracts for products and services, supervise the maintenance of the property, and collect assessments to fund projects. As fiduciaries of the association and the unit owners they represent, board members must spend money wisely and adhere to all statutes and bylaws scrupulously. And in no aspect of their duties will their judgment be more subject to scrutiny and challenge than in contracting and bidding for services.

This course provides comprehensive explanations of the State of Florida’s statutory regulations of board members’ bidding and contracting practices. Learners are given the knowledge they need to fulfill their managerial duties in full compliance with the laws and bylaws to which they are subject. Additionally, the course empowers board members to make prudent decisions that improve the value of the property whose condition they supervise (Discounts are available for Condominium Boards or Property Management Companies by calling us at 1-800-521-9667).

Directors, Officers, and board members of condominium associations

60 minutes

To instruct Directors, Officers, and board members of condominium associations in how to fulfill their fiduciary duties to the association when contracting for professional and maintenance services.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • interpret and implement the statutory guidelines covering bidding and contracting that association leaders must adhere to;
  • choose reputable, competent contractors for major projects on condominium property;
  • interpret and implement statutory guidelines for hiring attorneys and accountants that association leaders must adhere to;
  • purchase appropriate insurance policies that meet statutory requirements and those of the condominium’s governing documents; and
  • make informed decisions when hiring property managers and maintenance workers.


  1. Statutory Guidelines Covering Board Members’ Responsibilities Regarding Bidding and Contracting for Services
  2. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest between Board Members and Contractors
  3. Entering into Contracts during a State of Emergency
  4. Criteria for Choosing Contractors
  5. Verifying Contractors’ Licensures and Qualifications
  6. Entering into Properly Written Contracts
  7. Hiring the Right Professionals: Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Agents
  8. Contracting for Maintenance Services

This course (# 9626051) has been approved for 1.00 hour of continuing education credit in the areas of IFM or ELECTIVES (DISTANCE) by the Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. For more information about continuing education for Community Association Managers, visit the Regulatory Council's homepage.